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Quality AMC cookware 
Cooking Demonstrations Toronto, and surronding area, Richmond Hill, Vaughn, Thornhill, Ontario

Describe AMC Cookware

We can help you to choose the best possible choice for your healthy cooking. With 23 years of experience of using the cookware, we are the living proof that it does gives you a healthier lives, a normal weight ect.. .If you are willing to cook differently, using only the fat from the meat , not using added fat.  Cooking potato and vegetables with no additional water. Pasta needs only as much water as it will absorb ect.. You can have that healthier lives too. We can show you, and  we  will  teach you how to cook correctly in this special cookware.  If you are a new costumer who just would buying your new cooking sets or already own it and have questions ,we can help you with our  expert and confidence. 

AMC is not available in stores . AMC want to have happy and satisfied costumers and our job is to show and explain to you this  very different cooking system.We have to do cooking demonstrations for you to see how it works, we can compare the taste of the food in "normal" cooking vs AMC cooking. You can taste the food, we can answer all of your questions and help you to customize the sets for your needs . AMC is a healthy investment for a lifetime!